FVS&RDA Sponsored Gala Events

The Gala started from an idea from Mary Holz to hold a fancy ball. With this in mind the FVS&RDA booked Hycroft Manor in Vancouver for the first three Galas. Since then most Galas have taken place at Confederation Senior Centre in Burnaby (a much more central location) and two have taken place at Kennedy Hall in Surrey (also a central location). From the first three dances at Hycroft manor it became obvious that most of our dancers did not want to go into Vancouver or wear fancy dress. However, once we started with the themed dances dancers really responded and made the effort to support the theme.

In order to keep the dance vital we have changed callers/cuers/locations and themes. The following is a list of the Galas over the years.

2004Anne UebelackerAnita Adams"Classic Gala"Mainstream
2005Anne UebelackerAnita Adams
2006Brent MawdsleyAlison Hampton "Snowball" GalaPlus
2007Steve EdlundCheryl Plume "Sweetheart" GalaPlus
2008Ray BrendzyDanielle Dallman "Mari Gras" GalaPlus
2009Brendzy, Mawdsley, EdlundEllen Robertson "Fiesta" GalaPlus
2010Brendzy, Mawdsley, EdlundEllen Robertson "International" Gala Plus
2011John CorriganHeather Wallace "Western Jamboree"Mainstream
2012Ken BowerKrista Fergusson "Spring" GalaPlus
2013Heather WallaceBrian Penny 10th - "Flashback" GalaMainstream
2014Murray FewEllen Robertson "Galloping Across the Border"Mainstream
2015Steve NoseckAnita Adams "Sail Across the Sea" GalaPlus
2016BC BoysKrista Baird"Salute to Broadway"Plus
2017Don MogerEllen Robertson"Sweetheart Gala"Plus
2018Don MogerCheryl Plume"Hearts & Roses"Plus
2019BC BoysMarg Beatty"Salute to 2020"Plus
2020Steve Edlund & Kevin ThomaierKrista Baird"Autumn Splendor"MS + Plus
2023BC BoysKrista Baird"Fall Fling Gala"Plus