Caller/Cuer Apprentice Program:

Some clubs would potentially welcome the opportunity to hire a young or beginner caller/cuer—maybe their current caller/cuer is approaching retirement and they want provide some continuity; maybe they have a beginning caller/cuer that they want to support—BUT the club may not have the financial resources to provide the beginner call/cuer with any payment for their time & resources.

So, in steps the Valley Circle’s Caller/Cuer Apprenticeship Program. The program provides a club with up to $200 per month for one dance year (8 months) as reimbursement for monies paid to a beginner caller/cuer. The conditions on acceptance of a caller/cuer into the apprenticeship program are:

  1. The club must provide confirmation that they are willing to accept and support an apprentice caller/cuer;
  2. The club caller/cuer must provide confirmation that he/she are willing and capable of providing a mentorship program for the beginner caller/cuer.
  3. The beginner caller/cuer cannot not already be employed as a caller/cuer and must have attended a caller/cuer school.
  4. The Valley Circle will work with the V&DCTA to insure that appropriate goals and standards are maintained with the each caller/cuer`s mentorship program.
  5. Provide regular reports to the Executive on the status of the Apprenticeship Program.

Support is limited to two clubs per year. Applications for the apprenticeship program must be submitted to the Valley Circle by November 1st. Acceptance into the Apprenticeship Program would be confirmed following review of the application by the Valley Circle and the V&DCTA.

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Click Here for a copy of the application form.