The Driscoll Teen Award, initiated by the late Harold and Sella Driscoll in 1999, is an Annual Award that recognized both a male and female B.C. Teen or Pre-teen Dancer who has promoted dancing through leadership, co-operation, teamwork and ambassadorship. The Recipients are selected by the Driscoll Award Committee established by the Fraser Valley Square and Round dance Association for the purpose of selecting the Annual Recipients of the Award.

The best way to describe the characteristics that are recognized in awarding of the Driscoll Teen Award, is to review the characteristics and achievements of the past Recipients of the Driscoll Teen Award.

Award Benefits

The Driscoll Teen Award Recipient will:

Nominee Eligibility Requirements

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  1. Nominee may be nominated by an Active Member of a Dance Club or Organization
  2. The nominations are divided into two sections. To facilitate review, the nominations packet should be organized as follows:
    1. Purpose and Intent
      1. As stated in letter, dated February 6, 2000 from the late Harold and Sella Driscoll (on file) and as engraved on Annual Trophies and Keeper Plaque (one boy and one girl):
        1. To promote Square Dancing through leadership, cooperation, team work and ambassadorship.
        2. In recognition for promoting the aims of Square Dancing through outstanding leadership, co-operation, teamwork and ambassadorship.
        3. A person can only receive the Award once.
        4. Pre-Teens and Teens are eligible to apply.
    2. Initiating Request for Candidates:
      1. In January notifications are sent requesting letters of recommendation for likely candidates for the Driscoll Teen Award. Letters may come from candidates’ peers, caller/teacher and executive of the eligible B.C. Teen Square Dance Club that participates in the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival.
        1. The notifications must state the deadline date for applications to be received by the ad hoc FVS&RDA committee, in order to make an informed and fair choice, before sending trophies and plaques to the engraver.
        2. Also the Annual Trophies must be returned by the previous year’s Recipients by March 31. Keeper Plaques remain with the Recipients.
    3. Presentation of Awards
      1. The FVS&RDA presents the Awards at a Specially(Special) Sponsored Dance.
      2. Persons in charge of the Teen Club are notified of all nominees in order to be sure of their presence at the Specially(Special) Sponsored Dance. Award Recipients names to be kept secret until presentation.
      3. Harold & Sella Driscoll’s daughter, Sharon Ewan wishes to be involved in the presentation, if at all possible.

    Section 1

    1. Driscoll Teen Award Committee uses this information on the nomination for all correspondence, engraving on the trophies and publicity. Please make sure all information is accurate, legible and spelled correctly.
      1. Full name
      2. Familiar name
      3. Full address
      4. Telephone number
      5. E-mail address
      6. Nominee’s Club affiliation
      7. Nominators name and address
      8. Nominators relationship to the nominee

    Section 2

      Multiple comprehensive recommendations from the following sources help improve a successful application:
      1. The nominee’s dance community.
      2. The whole dance community.
      3. The community at large (i.e. Outside the dance community).
      4. From a member of the nominee’s peer group.
      5. From an adult unrelated to the nominee, familiar with the nominee’s activities and achievements within the nominee’s dance club or organization.
      6. From a person unrelated to the nominee, familiar with the nominee’s activities and achievements in the community at large.
    1. All entries become the property of the Driscoll Teen Award Committee and will not be returned.
    2. The nominees for the Driscoll Teen Award and deliberations of the Driscoll Teen Award Committee will remain confidential.
    3. “Dance” is to be interpreted as the dance forms recognized by the Fraser Valley Square and Round Dance Association and includes: Square Dancing, Round Dancing, Contra dancing, Clogging, and the activities of Calling and Cueing these Dance Forms.
    4. The decisions of the Driscoll Teen Award Committee are final.


The Driscoll Teen Award was originally intended to promote square dancing through outstanding leadership, cooperation, teamwork and ambassadorship. A committee of the Fraser Valley Square and Round Dance Association judges the recommended nominees, who can be from any teen club in B.C.. The Trophy may be earned by both a boy and a girl in any year, and the trophy is presented at a specially sponsored dance by the Driscoll Teen Award Committee of the Fraser Valley Square and Round Dance Association.


In 2003, the Driscoll Teen Award Committee decided to add value to this award by providing a certificate. The certificate is more than a keepsake; it can be copied and put into a dancer’s employment portfolio to act as a reference, showing an individual’s achievements and values.

Guidelines for Driscoll Teen Award Applicants:

  1. Previous unsuccessful nominees are encouraged to re-apply by using a copy of the original material with comments to include additional achievements since the previous nomination.
  2. Nominees should have more than one letter of reference but no more than four. Letters should come from both adults and peers.
  3. Letters should clearly mention specific achievements, e.g.:
    1. Achievements related to square and round dancing. These can include but are not limited to winning awards for dancing, angeling, coaching, etc.
    2. Achievements related to supporting the square dance club, including but not limited to executive positions and volunteer work.
    3. Achievements related to promoting square dancing to the outside community.
    4. Achievements related to promoting the square dance club
    5. Achievements related to volunteer work and good citizenship in the outside community.
    6. Achievements in balancing employment, volunteer work and advanced education with square dance club activity.
  4. Examples and testimonials indicating leadership, i.e., examples of peers or others who have selected the individual to a leadership position.
  5. Examples and testimonials indicating teamwork, i.e., examples of supporting a committee, or encouraging peers to work as team.
  6. Letters of reference may include applicable examples of Personal Development that Square Dancing may have facilitated.
  7. Include the age and number of years’ dancing.

Forms to assist submitting nominations are available on the web.

Click Here to download a pdf copy of the application form.

Click Here to download a fillable pdf copy of the application form.